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Enterprise domain management processes are broken and costly. Who authorizes these registrations and edits? Who registers and provisions domains? Processes are riddled with email trails and voicemails. Where is the audit trail for domain activity? Is our business change process compliant. How do we audit? 

Our software solves these problems. Take control with workflows designed for teams to execute with pace and agility, while maintaining centralized control. Consolidate domains on an enterprise platform and address security risk. Use tools to conduct domain life cycle audits, when required.


How many domains do we own? How many were registered this week, last quarter or year. Where do our domains resolve? Are they resolving correctly and how do we know? What is the DNS traffic flow and how do we analyze and adjust to improve domain health? Who in the business owns these digital assets? 

Our software solves these problems. Gain visibility and intelligence with activity reports and DNS data insights your teams need to make fast, smart decisions. Action this visibility intelligence with easy to use execution tools designed for leading brands in the new TLD era.


Legacy domain systems are disconnected from back-end business intelligence and front-end engagement systems. Hours are wasted and errors kill productivity as teams struggle to execute with pace and precision. 

Our software solves these problems. Integrate systems with our Service Connector Framework to automate provisioning. Empower product and marketing teams to execute with agility, while reducing the workload burden on IT. Our software enables enterprise teams to outcompete through automation.

Our next generation software is purpose built to deploy, innovate on and scale proprietary brand registry ecosystems and gain control to reduce the TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP of corporate domain portfolios.

What People Are Saying About Us

Authentic Web is a great partner, allowing us to manage our premium domain inventory. .CLUB has almost $60 million in premium domain names and it is extremely important for us to have a technology partner to manage them.

They have and continue to build solutions to help monetize our inventory. A true partnership!

Colin Campbell CEO and Founder

Authentic Web provides CBC/Radio-Canada with an intuitive, cost effective, business focused domain management platform that enables efficient management of our web domain portfolio from registration to DNS mapping through cost attribution and everything in between. ​​

Their deep industry experience​ and ​insights about the emerging issues clearly informs their platform roadmap and related services.

Soo Kim Senior Director, Digital Operations,
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
A SaaS domain name intelligence company, unlocking digital innovation for brands.
The enterprise domain game has changed.

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Free Total Cost of Ownership Analysis