The Authentic Web platform is a robust, high performance domain management infrastructure designed for enterprise stakeholders in IT, operations, product, marketing, legal and finance.

Our platform solves domain pain by simplifying business processes to register, provision and manage your domain space. Our workflow, automation, reporting and management tools reduce workload for IT and empower teams to execute with pace and efficiency.

Our architecture supports integration with registries, registrars, managed DNS providers and third party services including back office BI systems and customer facing engagement services.

Our next generation platform is uniquely engineered as an innovation platform for the Brand Registry and corporate domain portfolio use cases.

Authentic Web partners with best-in-class digital technologies to bring you a powerful enterprise solution as a digital identity control hub.

You concentrate on creating customer engagement experiences to win in your market. Our technology brings it all together as your domain infrastructure operations control hub.

  • Securable
  • Scalable
  • Extensible
  • Automation
  • High Performance Network
  • Best-In-Class Partners
  • Innovation Mission

Publicly traded wholesale domain registrar with over 13,000,000 domains under management. Authentic Web and Tucows support 100s of Top Level Domains with a proven environment and dedicated support resources.

Dyn is an internet performance company, considered to be the gold standard in enterprise DNS. Authentic Web and Dyn platforms are fully integrated, delivering a level of performance for your enterprise that is second to none

Authentic Web utilizes Iron Mountain as our Registrar Data Escrow provider ensuring all domain name portfolios are placed in escrow deposit weekly.

VM Farms is our enterprise grade managed hosting provider based in Toronto, Canada. Our SaaS platform is deployed on the VM Farms’ secure server infrastructure with rolling backups to ensure business continuity and a team of security experts that monitor and manage security threats 24.7.365.