Brand TLD Market Brief – July 2017

Download the Brand TLD Market Brief – July 2017 Edition and learn: Why domains and glaciers are similar The # of live Brand TLD websites The # of Brand TLD domains registered 10 new brands utilizing a Brand TLD Brand TLD resources: articles, whitepaper, education, use cases Contact us for a complimentary Brand TLD education session.

Brand TLD Market Brief – March 2017

In the first quarter of 2017 brands such as Audi began deploying Brand TLD use cases at an exceptional pace, registering over 500 .audi domains. We learned from Major League Baseball and the NHL’s Content and SEO Strategist that incorporating a Brand TLD with your overall marketing strategy presents a compelling use case that optimizes …Read More

Brand TLD Market Brief 2016 Year End Status

At the close of 2016, we reported 110 brands with an active brand TLD domain showcased on and 60,000+ brand TLD domains registered. Clearly, a growing number of digital leaders are learning and gaining an advantage in this space. Download our New TLD Market Brief to stay ahead of the market and learn: The …Read More

New TLD Market Brief – September 2016

5,000+ Brand TLD Identities Summary: Learn how leading international brands are utilizing new Top-Level Domains (TLDs) to create innovative and differentiated experiences to stand out from the competition: Total New and Brand TLD registrations. Brand TLD statistics – March to September 2016 Quick view of 7 new TLD use cases activated by brands Selected TLD …Read More

The New TLD Market Brief – July 2016

Summary: This Market Brief features a Brand TLD analysis of 68 brands showcased on Brand TLD dot News. In our research of these Brand TLDs we found: 3,920 second-level domains registered. 351 domains ‘in market‘ or indexed by Google. 4 use case types: redirect, dedicated presence, brand label home, and full transition. 29% of brands utilize more …Read More