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Welcome – this is the first blog for the launch of Authentic Web. IT FEELS GREAT!

The past months have been crazy busy, working with many people who have helped me with the platform thinking and requirements definition, the build, legal, finance, messaging, positioning, creative, ICANN policy and long task lists. Thank you for all your tremendous support and enthusiasm.

Away we go, embracing change is exciting.

In the fall of 2012, I attended the ICANN conference in Toronto. As I was sitting in a session, listening to the debate on delegation priority, trademark clearinghouse and other mind numbing regulatory policy detail, I decided to found a new company; Authentic Web, to serve brands.

Why you ask?

In June of 2012, ICANN released the list of 1,930 applicants, 1,400 unique names and over 600 brand related applications. Speaking with industry contacts, the big question was; “What are brands going to do?” The collective answer was, “don’t know” other than defense as the common driver.

I agree, it’s a legal and brand manager’s worst nightmare. I also realized as brands become educated and think it through, they will realize the best defense in an expanded TLD space will be to anchor their digital presence and investment by having their own .brand registry.

Sitting there, I realized, with my 15 years of experience building, launching, marketing, selling and managing domain name, web service and online marketing and communication businesses, there is a MASSIVE MARKET SHIFT AHEAD FOR BRANDS with tremendous opportunity that they don’t yet appreciate.

New CAPABILITIES inherent in a dotbrand will enable use cases to support business objectives from; branding authenticity, control, ability to create any name or network of names, distribution of content experiences, measurement of every click, development of communities and engagement on branded spaces with customers through partners and channels or the delivery of IP based services on a branded space …. it goes on and on.

New TLDs are a massive Internet paradigm shift. Few people outside our space are paying attention but it’s coming fast. Last week, Apple signalled the shift by removing the “.com” from their mobile interface; a sign of things to come. In the beginning, it will be chaotic, scary and challenging. Out of chaos and complexity however, will come order on a new taxonomy.

Whenever technology brings new capabilities, there follows a wave of innovation. Think broadband, social and mobile. Make no mistake, this is dramatic. In 10 years, every major and aspiring brand will own their own registry. It’s a natural progression that we will see as obvious in hindsight. So frankly, brands have no other choice if they want to stay relevant. The WINNERS will be those who have the vision, passion, courage, desire, resources and permission to innovate. These are the brands Authentic Web seeks to serve with a platform, services and integrated digital technology solutions.

We are excited and ready to drive innovation in the brave new •BRAND world.

Thanks for checking in and stay tuned – Peter

PS: We’ve launched our twitter handle, follow us @authenticwebinc