Video – Brand TLDs | Why? What? How?

We’re biased, but perhaps the best concise video overview of the new dot Brand Top-Level Domains (TLDs). Peter LaMantia, our CEO explains why brands applied to get a brand TLD, what they can do with it, and how to go about executing a best practice strategy for launch. Watch the video to learn more: Contact …Read More

Customer Experience: Who wants to be a leader?

As 2017 strategic plans are finalizing inside the enterprise, brand leaders have one priority in common; the Customer Experience. Nothing matters more than the customer. The strategy to improve affinity and motivate advocacy is Job #1. The ‘Shiny Ball’ syndrome of the new magic bullet digital marketing and engagement tools abound, so where to start? …Read More

Infographic: Corporate Domain Management Journey

Corporate domain management has evolved from a simple to a complex administration and technical challenge. Since the commercial internet’s rise in the 1990’s to today’s hyper-digital world, digital transformation initiatives are what separate brand leaders from laggards. Equipping teams to manage your brand’s digital identity with control, visibility, and automation is one of the most …Read More

What is the Corporate Domain Management Business Problem?

Managing corporate domain portfolios is one of the most irritating, yet business critical functions for Digital, IP and IT Managers. For executives, it is an activity entrusted to managers with little visibility. Then, without warning, part of the business goes offline; and now the failure of executives to prioritize a domain management audit and implement …Read More

Infographic | 4 Brand TLD Use Cases

With 95% of Brand TLDs delegated to the Internet, it’s safe to say this emerging digital identity evolution is here. The infographic below, depicting 4 Brand TLD use cases, is an effective education tool to share to keep your colleagues abreast of transformations in the domain name space. (Click to enlarge) Download the Dot Brand …Read More