Why domain names still matter (even in the age of the search engine)

CIRA - September 27, 2017

An interesting article by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority about why domain names still matter. (more…)

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These 4 companies are winning the online branding race

The Next Web - July 27, 2017

Examples of how 4 companies are using digital strategy to build their brand from online reputation to branded domains. (more…)

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Geo and Brand TLDs Only for a 2019 Second Round of New gTLDs?

Circle ID - February 20, 2017

Would it be more expedient to have a second round of ICANN’s domain expansion exclusively for Geos and Brands?


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Domain Name Association Outlines Healthy Practices as Part of Key Initiative

The Domain Name Association - February 8, 2017

The Domain Name Association (DNA) has put together a positive initiative to maintain and ameliorate the health of the Domain Name System (DNS) through a program known as the Healthy Domains Initiatives (HDI). (more…)

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96 Percent of Canadian IT Decision-Makers Say They Lack Skills to Drive Digital Transformation

Yahoo Finance - November 15, 2016

Legacy system maintenance, integration know-how and digital tool implemenations are just a few of the pieces missing from the digital golf club bag of most IT decision makers. This article provides a perspective on this gaping hole within the North American enterprise.

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