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A platform that removes the complexity from closed domain management.


Learn yours, how to advance it and operate in the .Brand paradigm.


Complete visibility into your global .Brand domain portfolio.


Powerful and effective tools to create, approve and administer .Brand domains.


Real-time dashboard and reporting tools to monitor domain activity.

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What is .BrandIQ? What is Yours?

In this ebook, learn about .BrandIQ (DOTBRANDIQ). See how a high .BrandIQ indicates understanding of new registry capabilities and a plan to launch innovations. Learn what motivated brands to apply and where each sits on the .BrandIQ curve. We plot these organizational "personas". It will help identify your current curve position and your desired position down the road.

Having a high .BrandIQ indicates an organizational understanding of the capabilities inherent in a closed registry and how it maps those capabilities to strategic priorities in the form of use cases. High IQ also indicates a well formed GoToMarket plan.

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Authentic Web offers a robust platform for brands operating closed registries. It gives brands control and visibility to efficiently manage a global closed domain portfolio.

Function and Benefit

BRAM delivers the critical functions you need to manage your .brand registry.

Our product, Brand Registry Asset Manager(BRAM™), is an enterprise management platform that handles registry names within a heirarchical structure, role-based permissioning, workflow, case and task management, messaging, custom DNS and other critical technology automation functions.

BRAM is different than traditional domain name systems. It is simpler and designed for a brand's internal use. As you roll out a closed brand registry, BRAM has the tools needed to publish and deliver engagement experiences on .brand names and networks.

BRAM removes the complexity from closed domain management, enabling stakeholders to take control of their registry.


Authentic Web takes the complexity elements of operating a registry off your hands both through systems and Professional Services. Our team has worked in the name space since ICANN's creation in the late 1990s. We work with your back-end registry provider, operate as your Accredited Registrar as a turnkey brand solution to handle the registrar compliance and reporting requirements of ICANN.

We can also integrate to your current registrar partner system and provide the front-end BRAM tools required by brand operating entities, departments and teams.

Stakeholders value

The platform gives stakeholders what they need. It is designed to address the various organizational challenges in managing something as complex as a brand registry. We give you control, visibility and an efficient way to minimize the technical and administrative burdens.

Centralized Control Visibility Configuration Control Execution Empowerment
Distributed Operations Team Execution Empowerment Technical Automation Easy to use
Turnkey Outsource Restricted Access

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Technology and Partners

Authentic Web partners and integrates only with top-tier technologies and providers.

Our purpose built SaaS platform is structured on leading edge open technologies to ensure flexibility and extensibility for future innovation requirements. The BRAM system is a robust and flexible platform, configurable to your organization's domain governance policties, organizational structure as well as approval, provisioning workflow and automation requirements.

  Performance and Scalability

Utilizing best-in-class infrastructure with Amazon Web Services, the integrated system performance and scalability is structured to deliver under anyload, anywhere at anytime.


Automated domain provisioning with integration capabilities to third party registrar or back-end registry systems and other best of breed web technologies such as top-tier CMS systems and other digital engagement technologies, the Authentic Web system bridges the domain portfolio management space to digital experience creation.


Strict adherence to the security of your company' domain assets, coupled with integration to top-tear malware options and DNS security services ensure the life-long safety of your domain assets. Security is a prime focus. You will know your domain portfolio is protected through a best in class system security structures and protocols.

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Authentic Web is a platform services company. The platform gives brands a feature-rich way to control and manage their top-level domain registries. In real-time, brands have complete visibility into the status of all their registry domains, displayed using a user-friendly dashboard and reporting tools. We give brands the power to control their domain portfolios – everything from domain requests, approvals, provisioning and reporting to role based permissioning and technical automation functions. For brands that need to take control of their domain registry, Authentic Web is a cost-efficient, cloud-based platform that helps make sense of the fast-changing ecosystem. Authentic Web is based in Toronto, Canada.


Peter founded Authentic Web to meet the needs of enterprises in the brand registry market. Peter has played in the domain and web services space since the 1990s. He was President of a $20 million Web services, domain registrar and Fortune1000 entity. He drove a value proposition transformation introducing new online marketing services and integrated the business into a major US brand. Peter operated a management consulting firm for a decade, working with CEOs to bring internet services to new markets. Peter rides his bicycle a lot.

Bill leads the technology team building a robust, innovative and responsive platform that transforms complexity to simplicity. Bill is a former CTO at a digital media start-up. He brings 15 years managing large development teams, innovating with bleeding edge development process and tools. His background includes; Director of Technology at CTV where he ran Canada's largest video streaming service. He was responsible for driving projects as well as managing a multi-million dollar development budgets. Bill rides his scooter a lot.

Vice President, Europe, Kim heads up the operations in Europe. He brings his 15 years of Domain Name industry and enterprise legal expertise to the company. He served as a member of the CIRA’s Executive Team as head of the legal, compliance, policy, project management and governance. He was also an advisory member of the ICANN WHOIS Review Team, Executive Board of CENTR and is a guest lecturer at industry events such as the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the UN. In recent years, Kim has served as a virtual General Counsel for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Kim is a black belt in Karate.

Manager, Business Development Europe, Mike’s home base is Frankfurt, Germany. He is responsible to conduct and coordinate our business development in the region. For years, Mike specialized in IP and Mergers and Acquisitions with extensive experience negotiating and overseeing complex contracts and IP disputes. In addition to this extensive legal background by profession, Mike has an exceptional history of B2B sales. He has continuously outperformed entire sales teams, at a number of global organizations. Mike is an advisor to a number of online marketing companies. Mike is an accomplished pianist and practices martial arts.

Manager, Business Development, North America, Andre’s home base is Toronto, Canada. Andre is responsible for business development in the region. Andre comes to Authentic Web after many years conducting business development, establishing and managing strategic partnerships in the domain, B2B software and digital marketing platform spaces. Andre knows the domain space well, with several years selling to and servicing medium to larger organizations utilizing the OpenSRS platform with In addition to Andre’s many business talents, he is a Canadian National Soccer Champion and won an Ivey League soccer title while attending Princeton University.

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